Aide et Action's online solidarity game

For the start of the 2020 school year, Aide et Action is launching "CLASSROOM RESCUE", a new online game, which is free of charge and supportive, and whose objective is to (re) build a school! Produced in partnership with La Secte and the team of DOWiNO, this game will raise awareness among the general public on issues around access to quality education all over the world.

The action of "CLASSROOM RESCUE" takes place in one of the association's fields of intervention. You are alongside our teams; in front of you, an empty, stripped bare and run down classroom. Your mission? Keep children busy while Aide et Action teams install, renovate and improve the classroom infrastructure and equipment. At the helm of a puzzle game (like "Bubble Shooter"), the more bubbles you burst, the more involved you are with the children, and the more teams can work to improve the classroom. At each level achieved, "Louise", member of Aide et Action, will explain to you the problems encountered and the solutions to be put in place to provide access to quality education to as many children as possible.

Thanks to the acquisition of “boosters”, which are not compulsory, via PayPal, players who wish to do so, will be able to progress more quickly in the game. The sums paid for these “boosters” will, in reality, be 100% donations to Aide et Action and its field projects.

A great means to play in a fun way and for a good cause!


Founded in 1981, Aide et Action is an international association for development through education, ensuring access to quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, in particular children, girls and women, so that all may take charge of their own development and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

As a promoter of lifelong learning, Aide et Action focuses on Early Childhood Care and Education, Access and Quality of Education for primary and secondary level and Lifelong learning and vocational training. Based on dignity, inclusion and integrity, its intervention is guided by the principles of transparency, accountability and solidarity.

Thanks to the support of its 51,000 particular donors, Aide et Action is currently carrying 83 projects in Africa, Asia, and Europe for 1.9 million of children, young people and adults.

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